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Hi I am trying to return back to the user what he input after he clicks the submit button but i dont know how to do so. I am working only with java and html in eclipse please i need help.

this is the code i have so far, i know its not much.

<p>Temperature</p> <input type= "text" name= "Temperature">
<h6>Temperature</h6> <input>
<textarea rows="10" cols="10"></textarea>
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You need to use javascript here! –  aaa Jun 30 at 15:15

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Did you try this : In your form :

<button id="button1" name="button1">Submit</button>

Code for retrieve the value and print it :

$("button1").click(function() {
  var temperature = $(":Temperature");
  var htmlString = $(temperature).html();
  $(#textarea).text(htmlString );

Hope this will help

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but how do i use the code for retrieving, i cant just add it to the jsp can I? –  user3790793 Jul 1 at 17:29
I got it to work thank you so much for your help –  user3790793 Jul 1 at 18:04

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