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The ones they use with grouped table view.

I'm using a table view that links to another view that has text on it. To make it look less 'plain' I wanted to add that striped background and then put something like a white 'text box' on that.

Do they allow it to be used?

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Yes, they do allow that. I've done so in an application that has been updated and re-approved several times over. The pattern is available as [UIColor groupTableViewBackgroundColor].

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For more details you may want to look at Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

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+1 For referencing the HIG and providing a link. However, there's a reason they're called "guidelines". Following the HIG will generally result in nice-looking apps. Unless there is a compelling reason to violate the HIG, and the result is provably better, don't. Apple endorses the HIG and recommends use of system-wide controls so the user experience is more consistent. –  Quinn Taylor Mar 15 '10 at 23:36
Good point, there are definitely Apps that "break the rules" and have incredibly elegant interfaces, but these guidelines are a good starting point for someone jumping into App development. –  jessecurry Mar 16 '10 at 13:28

No, they don't mind. Why would they?

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I just thought as they might only want that background to be associated with table views. As somtimes they can picky about this type of stuff. –  Dave Mar 15 '10 at 18:59

It shouldn't be a problem.

If you start doing something more complicated than a text box, say a button that you click that slides in another view controller, you're going to be duplicating a lot of UITableView/UITableViewController code, and you're better off just creating a UITableView with a controller and couple of singleton UITableViewCells in your nib file.

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