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I am just not getting a feel about the meaning of Role in Windows Azure.

There are two roles - Web Role (that has IIS Enabled) and Worker Role (Without IIS).

What does Role mean?

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One question at a time. Not really sure what your question concerning virtual machines is even asking. –  tnw Jun 30 at 16:24
possible duplicate of In Windows Azure : What are web role , worker role and VM role? –  Win Jun 30 at 16:29
@Win I just wanted to know what is role mean not specific to WEb/worker role.In general actually. –  loop Jun 30 at 16:32
@loop My apologies. I removed my downvote. –  Win Jun 30 at 17:58

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Per Mark Russinovich, Roles are like DLLs in the service process.

You can watch Mark Russinovich -Introduction to Windows Azure: the cloud operating system. The video is quite old; I watched it a few years back.

Skip to 21:30 of Video.

enter image description here

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