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I am using Ghostscript to convert a multi-page PDF to individual JPEG files and can get it to output the files numbered like page_%03d.jpg.

But it always starts at *page_001.jpg* and I need it to start numbering the output files starting from *page_000.jpg*.

Is there a setting I can use to get Ghostscript to start at zero or am I going to have to rename all the files after processing?

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Hmm... tricky question. I don't think there is a way to tweak the -sOutputFile=string_%03d.jpeg-syntax to start at zero.

However, what about trying it with a little workaround?

The trick is to use 2 passes for processing your PDF file

  1. First pass: make processing by Ghostscript start with page 2 through the end. Your page numbering for this pass will still start at 1. But each consecutive page will now have a filename which is offset by -1.
  2. Second pass: make processing by Ghostscript stop after page 1, and hardcode the output filename to include your desired zero numbering.

Here is are the two commands spelled out explicitely:

  1. First pass:

    gswin32c.exe ^
       -o c:/path/to/output/page_%03d.jpg ^
       -sDEVICE=jpeg ^
       [...more options as needed...] ^
       -dFirstPage=2 ^
       -f c:/path/to/input.pdf

    This will result in:

     first page processed, page 2 ....... named as page_001.jpg
    second page processed, page 3 ....... named as page_002.jpg
     third page processed, page 4 ....... named as page_003.jpg
  2. Second pass:

    gswin32c.exe ^
       -o c:/path/to/output/page_000.jpg ^
       -sDEVICE=jpeg ^
       [...more options as needed...] ^
       -dLastPage=1 ^
       -f c:/path/to/input.pdf

    This will result in:

      only page processed, page 1 ....... named as page_000.jpg


This little trick can spare you a lot of work renaming all the pages. It's surely faster as soon as you have more than a few pages to process. And of course, this basic approach can easily be scripted.


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To close this question, i will answer myself: no ghostscript cannot start numbering from zero. I had to rename all the files after ghostscript was done processing.

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