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I am working with services in my android application but i have little problem using services that when i am closing my application from Multitasking then suddenly background service from that application stopped and even i don't get log from onDestroy of service...

I think it is killed because of android destroying all the resources of application and my service also killed.

after some time service autometically statring ... I don't know reason of that..

Is there any solution to make continuosly running my service ??

Thanks in Advance.

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I assume close app from Multitasking equals killing the app process, which is what most process/task apps do.

I also assume you know your code does not contain some sort of an Alarm that periodically wakes up to restart your service.

If the described behavior is consistent and happens within seconds after app close, we can probably also rule out a broadcast receiver that wakes up to start the thread.

Which leaves us with one last explanation: your process was declared to be sticky:

class MyService extends Service { 

    public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId) { 
        return START_STICKY; // declare service to be sticky


A sticky service is a service that asks Android to restart it after a sudden death, as long as the system resources allows for such a restart.

What you have describes perfectly fits sticky behavior. Removing the sticky flag should solve your problem.

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ok thanks for answer..first let me know about sticky service and i'll be come back to the my problem again.. – CleverBoy Jun 30 '14 at 17:37
these all returned value gives options for restart or not service after killed...but my problem is actually i dont want to see service to be killed..... – CleverBoy Jun 30 '14 at 18:10

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