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I have an R package that interacts with a java dependency (jar file) via the rJava package. I have no issues making things work when developing, but I don't know how to get the package installer to keep the jars with the installation in some sort of java src directory (e.g., file.path(.libPaths()[1], "mypackage", "java"). Is this possible without needing to write custom configuration files?

I am attempting to install using devtools::install_git. My source data is organized like most other R packages (I'm using the other features of devtools as well) except that I have an additional subdirectory java where my java dependencies are stashed.


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Keep the jar files in /inst/java and have something like the following in zzz.R

.onLoad <- function(libname, pkgname) {
  .jpackage(name = pkgname, jars = "*")
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Thanks. This worked. Although for windows I needed to add a few lines to the .onLoad function as suggested by user2161065 here –  Matt Pollock Jul 1 at 12:04
Happy to help... –  jdharrison Jul 1 at 13:56

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