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After an upgrade to OSX 10.9.3 (13D65) and Safari 7.0.4 (9537.76.4), I am unable to set breakpoints in my cordova app using the Safari web inspector. Enabled breakpoints appear as dark grey, disabled as a lighter grey. "debugger" statements are ignored. The behavior is the same on either the simulator (iOS 7.1 11D167) or a physical device (iOS 7.1.1 11D201). The mobile app does show up under the Develop menu (iPad Simulator or xxx iPad). I can inspect the DOM. I tried the solutions suggested in this problem: Why is Web Inspector showing me "no inspectable applications"?, and this Why Safari shows "No Inspectable Applications" during remote debugging with iOS 6 device?.

The mobile app is compiled locally. It is debuggable on a second machine running the same versions of OSX & Safari, but I don't have access to that machine full time. Both machines have the same developer profiles and certificates (with private keys). How can I diagnose this?? Thank you for your help.

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turns out that the issue was "Stop-plugins to save power" was enabled under Safari / Preferences (Advanced Tab). That disabled the ability to set a breakpoint. I don't recall setting that, but I didn't see anything indicating that the upgrade set that preference.

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Thank you for figuring that out! I was not even seeing an option to remote debug any devices anymore and clearing that option did the trick (along with a restart of Safari). Was pulling the hair out of my head trying to figure out what I was not doing correctly... :) –  xmnboy Jul 9 '14 at 0:44
Indeed. Thank you! –  hashchange Jan 15 at 12:40

It is also necessary to place your breakpoints on lines containing executable code.

Breakpoints on blank lines between other lines of code are ignored.

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