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i have Database with date field.

i see the time like: 1900-01-01 13:38:00.000

how i can see it like: 13:38 ?

(i work on sql server 2008)

thank's in advance

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When possible, use SQL for filtering and retrieving data and your client-side code for formatting. –  Adam Robinson Mar 15 '10 at 18:44

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SELECT convert(varchar, getdate(), 108) outputs as hh:mm:ss.

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If you are using SQL server 2008 then,

Suppose your column name is XTime which is holding time in HH-MM-SS.ms formate. If we want to retrive time in HH-MM-SS format then write following query,

Select ID, XDate, Convert(Time(0),XTime,0) -- For HH-MM-SS format
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