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I have a custom post type for Antique Shows, and a custom hierarchical taxonomy on that called Dealers. The end goal is to make a more manageable version of this list - Link Here

I've set up 2 additional custom meta boxes/fields for the taxonomy - dealer website and dealer video (both will be simple input boxes). A state is the parent taxonomy, and each dealer is a child.

Would someone point me in the right direction to output something along these lines? I'm also open to any other ways to set this up, doesn't need to be Taxonomy based, we just need to keep a master list of Dealers and assign certain dealers to certain shows.


  • Dealer 1 - video link - website link
  • Dealer 2 - video link - website link


  • Dealer 3 - video link - website link
  • Dealer 4 - video link - website link

etc etc

Ideally only displaying the parent/state heading if there are some dealers checked in that state.

Thanks in advance!


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codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query -- have a look at this. You need to get comfortable with it! The taxonomy query's are what you are looking for and you can hide empty terms. –  David Jun 30 '14 at 22:35

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