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I've tried to play swf file using Transform API Transform SWF for Java but failed. I tired with movie.decodeFromFile(), loadMovieNum() etc.

Movie movie = new Movie();
movie.add(Place2.show(2, 3, 2, 2));

//movie.decodeFromFile(new File("test.swf"));

It would be great if I find a sample code for this task.


@Josef: You've just copy/paste the code from the website. Actually I wanted to know how to just play a swf file. The code contains other unnecessary things like font, font color etc which is not required to play a swf file.

I think only the following statements are related to playing swf file -

Movie movie = new Movie();
movie.add(Place2.show(text.getIdentifier(), layer++, xpos, ypos));

But My question is - should I not need to take a JPlane to add this movie object to play the swf file?

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Here is a sample of playing a swf with transform:

int uid = 1;
int layer = 1;

final String str = "The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."
final Color color = WebPalette.BLACK.color();

final String fontName = "Arial";
final int fontSize = 24;
final int fontStyle = java.awt.Font.PLAIN;

// Load the AWT font.
final AWTDecoder fontDecoder = new AWTDecoder();
fontDecoder.read(new java.awt.Font(fontName, fontStyle, fontSize));
final Font font = fontDecoder.getFonts().get(0);

// Create a table of the characters displayed.
final CharacterSet set = new CharacterSet();

// Define the font containing only the characters displayed.
DefineFont2 fontDef = font.defineFont(uid++, set.getCharacters());

// Generate the text field used for the button text.
final TextTable textGenerator = new TextTable(fontDef, fontSize * 20);
DefineText2 text = textGenerator.defineText(uid++, str, color);

// Set the screen size to match the text with padding so the
// text does not touch the edge of the screen.
int padding = 1000;
int screenWidth = text.getBounds().getWidth() + padding;
int screenHeight = text.getBounds().getHeight() + padding;

// Position the text in the center of the screen.
final int xpos = padding / 2;
final int ypos = screenHeight / 2;

MovieHeader header = new MovieHeader();
header.setFrameSize(new Bounds(0, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight));

// Add all the objects together to create the movie.
Movie movie = new Movie();
movie.add(new Background(WebPalette.LIGHT_BLUE.color()));
movie.add(Place2.show(text.getIdentifier(), layer++, xpos, ypos));



Embed .swf file to JFrame

Hope that helps!

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Can you please show me the way how can I play a swf file in Swing JFrame? –  user3717550 Jul 5 '14 at 4:00
@user3717550 I added a link to the answer for you :) –  Josef E. Jul 5 '14 at 17:20
Thanks Josef Those all seem complex. Could you please show how Transform API can be used in JFrame to embed swf? –  user3717550 Jul 5 '14 at 18:51

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