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I have a simple Javascript function that should take/focus user to the exact hash link location on page. The problem is - it behaves differently on different browsers (it seems to work best in Firefox and worst in Chrome / Opera) AND it actually doesn't take user to the the exact anchor position.

It would be best that after clicking on the button user is always taken to the exact anchor link location (ie. from the example it would be: .../UfDLW/16/show/#2). And after clicking on the link user should always be 'taken' to the top of the page, ie. the focused link #2 should be right on top of the page (currently it positions randomly somehow).

Perhaps a solution would be to 'force' browser to add the #2 to the link at the time on clicking on the button, but not sure how to do it and if it's the right solution.

<button type="button" onclick="focusHash();">FOCUS</button>

<div style="height:500px"><a id="a1" href="#1">#1</a></div>

<div style="height:500px"><a id="a2" href="#2">#2</a></div>

<div style="height:500px"><a id="a3" href="#3">#3</a></div>

function focusHash() {

Here is jfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/pdXEt/3/

I can only use pure Javascript here (no JQuery).

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Don't have alternate browsers to test it so I won't post as an answer, but you could try document.location.hash = "2"; –  James Montagne Jun 30 at 20:24
User must be taken to the EXACT location of the anchor, for example when you click on this link with your comment: stackoverflow.com/questions/24498301/… your comment is on top of the page (ie. you are taken to top of the page to read the comment). –  user1680771 Jun 30 at 20:25

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focus doesn't move the browser window except to make the element visible. If you want it to behave the same as clicking the link, you need to modify the URL to include the correct hash fragment for the anchor tag you which to move to.

Here's a version that accepts an ID, focuses the element, and then moves to it by setting window.location.hash:

function focusHash(id) {
  window.location.hash = id;

See http://jsfiddle.net/pdXEt/9/

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I updated it here: jsfiddle.net/pdXEt/5 - but you're still not taken to the #2? After clicking the #2 link should be right on top of the window... –  user1680771 Jun 30 at 20:29
@Gooden I didn't understand the question; see updated answer. You're missing the window.location.hash =...` part. –  meagar Jun 30 at 20:29
Thanks - looks good :) - but what does it mean: match(/#\d+/)[0] -- is it going to work correctly in all browsers (ie. isn't it some kind of dirty hack that may stop working in the future? :) –  user1680771 Jun 30 at 20:30
I'm not sure why you need all of that. If you are trying to move to the element with id of 2 then the hash should just be 2. What's idea behind the regex? –  James Montagne Jun 30 at 20:30
@Gooden If your only intent is to scroll the page you can get rid of the focus line completely as well. –  James Montagne Jun 30 at 20:41

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