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I'm trying to access Magento's REST API in PHP, using Oauth and GuzzleHttp.

I'm basing my example off of this Twitter example: https://github.com/guzzle/oauth-subscriber

My code so far is:

use GuzzleHttp\Subscriber\Oauth\Oauth1;
use GuzzleHttp\Client;

$client = new Client(array(
        'base_url' => 'http://magento',
        'defaults' => array('auth' => 'oauth')

    $oauth = new Oauth1(array(
        'consumer_key'    => 'magento_key',
        'consumer_secret' => 'magento_secret'


    $response = $client->post('/oauth/initiate');


My host is http://magento. I'm trying to POST my key and secret to /oauth/initiate like is says in the Magento docs.


Does anyone have any insight on what I might be doing wrong? I'm getting a 500 error using Firefox's RESTClient to make this call.

EDIT: I'm now getting this exception thrown

"response": "Client error response [url] http://magento/oauth/initiate [status code] 400 [reason phrase] Bad Request"

It's getting a 400 from http://magento/oauth/initiate but this is only when using GuzzleHttp and Oauth. If I make the POST directly within RESTClient as http://magento/oauth/initiate, I get an error response from Magento itself (so it does not 400), and if I add all the necessary params I get the appropriate token responses.

UPDATE: After inspecting the exception being thrown I'm seeing my authorization array does not conain my callback url. This is suppose to be http://magento/oauth/authorize which I've adde in the RESTClient and it works with the token response. Iv'e tried adding this in my $oauth array as 'callback' and 'oauth_callback' but neither seem to work. I can see this appears in the exception, under my data array, but not in the [authorize] array which I believe it needs to be. I tihnk that's what's missing, if someone has an idea of where it needs to be placed.

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