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I don't understand why the entry boxes under rackGUI.py in my code are static/won't allow anything to be entered. I believe all the Entry objects are instantiated correctly. I specified the textvariable as instances of the StringVar(). My gut tells me the problem lies in command argument in create_button instantiation but I'm not really sure why. I thought by setting command = lambda:function the function would not be called.

Upon clicking 'New' in the menu, main.py successfully calls rackGUI.create() which successfully calls input_form(). Clicking the button 'create_button' successfully calls drawRack which prints to the shell 'test'. I also added a test where I printed the type of value for each entry box i.e., print type(rack_name.get()) and this successfully returns type 'str'.

So again the main problem is that the entry box is static.

Below is my code:



import Tkinter as tk
import tkMessageBox as tkmb

root = tk.Tk()
root.title("TLA Database Tool")
frame = tk.Frame(height = 300, width = 250)


from config import *
import rackGUI

def createRackTemplate():
def loadRackTemplate():

menubar = tk.Menu(root)
filemenu = tk.Menu(menubar)
filemenu.add_command(label = "New", command = createRackTemplate)
filemenu.add_command(label = "Load", command = loadRackTemplate)
menubar.add_cascade(label = "File", menu = filemenu)

tkmb.showinfo("Welcome", "Under File click New to create a new rack template.\n\
Click load to load rack template.")
root.config(menu = menubar)


from config import *

def input_form():
    form_frame = tk.Frame(frame)

    tk.Label(form_frame, text = "Rack Template Name (e.g., Knox Type 4)").pack()
    rack_name = tk.Entry(form_frame, textvariable = tk.StringVar())
    tk.Label(form_frame, text = "Dimensions").pack()
    tk.Label(form_frame, text = "#rack rows").pack()
    num_rack_rows = tk.Entry(form_frame, textvariable = tk.StringVar())
    tk.Label(form_frame, text = "#nodes per row").pack()
    num_slots = tk.Entry(form_frame, textvariable = tk.StringVar())

    create_button = tk.Button(form_frame, text = "Create!",\
              command = lambda: drawRack(rack_name, num_rack_rows, num_slots))

def drawRack(rack_name, num_rack_rows, num_slots):
    print rack_name.get(), num_rack_rows.get(), num_slots.get()

def create():    

def load():
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It works for me - Linux Mint 16, Python 2.7.5 –  furas Jun 30 at 22:26
What do you mean: won't allow anything to be entered ? You can't use keyboard or you can't set text in entry using set("text") ? –  furas Jun 30 at 22:32
as in I try to click on the box but the text cursor won't show so I can't type anything in. –  user3761743 Jun 30 at 22:50
If you aren't saving a reference to your StringVars, they are completely unnecessary and can be removed. I doubt that's the source of the problem, however. –  Bryan Oakley Jun 30 at 23:44
According to documentation on this site however (tutorialspoint.com/python/tk_entry.htm) it says that to retrieve the text I need to set the textvariable option to an instance of StringVar(). –  user3761743 Jul 1 at 0:38

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