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[1] BigDecimal
BigDecimal < Numeric
[2] account.outstanding_balance = BigDecimal.new(0.3, 2)
[3] account.outstanding_balance

I cannot figure out why I am unable to assign account.outstanding_balance a decimal value of .3.

This is a rails app using mysql. The column outstanding_balance is decimal type.

Rails v3.2

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could you add the contents of your db/schema.rb? Specifically the part dealing with the Account table. –  vint-i-vuit Jun 30 '14 at 23:03
Yup, just answered my own question. See below. –  Eric Francis Jun 30 '14 at 23:16

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t.decimal  "outstanding_balance", :precision => 10, :scale => 0

Scale Defines the scale for the decimal fields, representing the number of digits after the decimal point.

So this was lame. A migration with:

create_table :account do |t|
  t.decimal :outstanding_balance

Will automatically populate schema.rb with the above code.

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