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How to GROUP BY and CONCATENATE fields in redshift e.g If i have table

1    1            Anna
2    1            Bill
3    2            Carol
4    2            Dave

How can i get result like this

1            Anna, Bill
2            Carol, Dave

There some solutions PostgreSQL, but none of functions mentioned in answers are available in Redshift righnow.

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Thanks for clearly identifying that you're using Redshift, not just saying "postgresql". –  Craig Ringer Jul 1 '14 at 3:48
@jenn i don't concat operator can be applied on group by, its more for concatenate fields in same row e.g first & last name as shown in the link u shared. It would be great if can share complete query, if u think its possible. –  spats Jul 2 '14 at 2:23

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Looks like there is no straight forward way to solve this. Here is what i did to solve it, this solution works only when u know how many times ur group by field is repeated e.g in above case its 2, as company_id is being repeated twice. In my case i know this count so this solution works for me, although not very elegant

If group by count is 2

select e1.company_id, e1.name || e2.name
from employee e1, employee e2
where e1.company_id = e2.company_id and e1.id < e2.id;

If group by count is 3

select e1.company_id, e1.name || e2.name || e3.name
from employee e1, employee e2, employee e3
where e1.company_id = e2.company_id and e1.company_id = e2.company_id and e1.id < e2.id and e2.id < e3.id;
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How will this work if each result row had different # of concats ? –  ekta Nov 26 '14 at 10:06

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