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What is the Lua equivalent of Twisted Python, Eventmachine for Ruby, NIO for Java, etc.?

If there is none, how does one do non-blocking event-based network I/O?

In general, how does one solve the C10K problem in Lua?


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A friend of mine recently begun the project Lua Event Machine, which should be a kind of Node.js, just in Lua.

(Haven't tried it myself, you I cant make any guarantees on the project's awesomeness...)

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Node.js. Javascript isn't too much different from Lua and node is crazy fast.

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I don't understand all the buzzwords in your question, but looking up the C10K problem suggested that Lua coroutines in the context of the Kepler project might be helpful. That would certainly be the place I would go to create a highly performant Web app using Lua and serving large numbers of clients.

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I am having trouble understanding the question as well. Copas might be enough, or ConcurrentLua or Lua Lanes. –  ponzao Mar 16 '10 at 17:32

Looks like lua-ev is your best bet.

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Eeek this is horrible looking: github.com/brimworks/lua-ev/blob/master/test/… –  z8000 Mar 15 '10 at 20:47

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