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I am working on a project which contains many sub projects, the sub projects are proper full fledge projects containing many view controllers and all project related things (i.e. they are not static libraries.) So I want one main project from which I want to invoke several other projects.

For example I have a ProjectMain with ViewController1, SubProject1 with ViewController2, SubProject3 with ViewController3.

I have two buttons on ViewController1 launching ViewController2 and ViewController3 respectively.

First of all, is it possible? And if it is, how should I achieve it? I have searched the internet but cannot find anything except adding static libraries to project.

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first of all why you want them as separate projects , why can't you include all viewcontrollers into one? I mean is there any specific reason? –  Suryakant Sharma Jul 1 at 6:30
yes because they are all developed as separate projects, and now it is not possible to make it into one project with so many viewcontrollers, many conflicts may occur, and I don't want to dive in solving those conflicts. –  Dani Jul 1 at 6:34
Have you looked into using a workspace? –  Brandon Roth Jul 1 at 6:38

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You can create dependency of the project by drag-n-droping all the project, you want to add into your project and than you have to add Header Search Paths,This is a list of paths to folders to be searched by the compiler for included or imported user header files.

This may help you, go here

and Also you can use xcodeworkspace as well to achieving what you want. here is apple doc for reference

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Can I then perform segue between ViewController1 and ViewController2 they both belong to different projects. –  Dani Jul 1 at 7:53
they may belong to different project but when you used them all in one, than yes you can go from any viewController to any and use segue to pass data. –  Suryakant Sharma Jul 1 at 8:11

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