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I have a string which belongs to the variable tbody as shown below:

tbody = 
<td class="Details clearfix">

9. I want this text and number

<td class="flux">

>print type(tbody)
<type 'str'>

As you might have already seen there is whitespace. I have tried to retrieve '9. I want this text and number' using the following code:

tbody2 = str(tbody.split(','))
tbody2 = str(re.split('\n|\r|\t', tbody2))
m = re.findall(re.compile("\\\\n(.+?)\\\\"), tbody2)
print m

This is the result I get:

[...'<td class="Details clearfix">', '<div>', '<b>',
'\\', '9. I want this text and number', '\\', '                </b>', '</div>',
'</td>', '<td class="flux>'...]

I couldn't get the string so is there a way of retrieving it perhaps using BS or regex? Cheers

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from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

tbody = """
<td class="Details clearfix">

9. I want this text and number


soup = BeautifulSoup(tbody)
for item in soup.find_all('td',class_="Details clearfix"):
    print item.div.b.text.strip()

#output= 9. I want this text and number

i think there is no need of splitting you fetch the expected output by search in beautiful soup

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You could do this through Python's re module using DOTALL modifier,

>>> import re
>>> m = re.search(r'<td.*?>.*?<b>\s*([^\n]*).*<\/b>.*?<\/td>', tbody, re.DOTALL)
>>> m.group(1)
'9. I want this text and number'


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