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Hi All I'm calling one php script from my Android code to insert record into the database. On successful insert I'm getting one string in following format-

{"success":1,"message":"Member registered successfully."}

And in case of error I'm getting the following string-

{"success":0,"message":"Oops! An error occurred."}

Now I wants to parse that string to check whether record is inserted successfully or not for that I have tried following code

JSONArray jsonarray = new JSONArray(response);
JSONObject jsonobj = jsonarray.getJSONObject(0);
String strResp=jsonobj.getString("success");

but strResp is getting null..! Please help. Thank you..!

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The code.

JSONObject jObj = new JSONObject(response);
String strResp = jObj.getString("success");
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Great It's working for me..! –  Namo Jul 1 at 7:35
@Namo pless mark correct answer. –  TeRRo Jul 1 at 7:36

Try this

JSONObject jObj = new JSONObject(response);
String strResp = String.valueOf(jObj.getInt("success"));

Because success in your json response is int.

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{ } means json object...and [  ] means json array..

here, {"success":1,"message":"Member registered successfully."} is json object...


JSONObject jsonobj = jsonarray.getJSONObject(response);
String  strResp=jsonobj.getString("success");
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