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In jquery datatable, can we bind autocomplete textbox as column filter? my code is shown below. But it does not showing column filters.

oTable = $("#tblPreProcess").dataTable({
            bProcessing: true,
            bLengthChange: false,
            bFilter: true,
            sAjaxSource: '@Url.Action("FetchPreprocessOrders", "Admin")',
            aoColumns: [
               { sTitle: "Order No", bSortable: false ,bSearchable: true},
                { sTitle: "Vol.Weight", bSortable: false },
                { sTitle: "Content", bSortable: false, },               
                 { sTitle: "Bag Number", bSortable: false }                               


any one can help me please?

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Where should that autocomplete textbox come from, in the example provided? What kind of autocomplete textbox anyway? –  davidkonrad Jul 1 '14 at 10:06

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You can check this bootstrap typeahead - it is pretty awesome and supports different databases - used it recently for a multiple text input from a list(and also works without one): http://timschlechter.github.io/bootstrap-tagsinput/examples/

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