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Consider below code :

#include <stdio.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <time.h>

void waitFor (unsigned int secs) {
    time_t retTime;
    retTime = time(0) + secs;     // Get finishing time.
    while (time(0) < retTime);    // Loop until it arrives.

void* fn1(void* arg)
    printf("I am thread fn1\n");
    pthread_exit((void*) 1);

void* fn2(void* arg)
    printf("I am thread fn2\n");
    pthread_exit((void*) 1);

int main()
  pthread_t T1,T2;
  void* status1;
  void* status2;


  pthread_join(T1,&status1);//Here Line 33
  printf("T1 finishes\n");

  printf("%d\n",(int)status2);//Here Line 37
  if(((int)status2) ==1)
  printf("T2 success\n");
  printf("T2 failure\n");

    return 0;

At line 33 when pthread_join(T1,&status1); is executed; it blocks main(). So basically line 37 and the print() statements based on return value status2 for thread 2 won't be executed unless T1 and T2 have both finished.

I was recently asked in an interview if it is possible that I can execute my statements based on return value of thread T2 i.e. status2 without waiting for T1 to finish or may be other many threads if they all blocking my main().

I could not think of how to achieve it. Any answers please?

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