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Does anyone know of some (very) simple tutorials on line on the WCF?

Basically I need to play catch up and would like to start with a very basic sample so that i can get some good ground work in place before moving on to more advanced topics.

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Start here:

What is WCF?

Writing the WCF Hello World App (service)

Writing your first WCF (client)

Very simple as you want...

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+1, Blocked by our WebSense but will check it out from home tonight thank you. –  griegs Mar 15 '10 at 23:44

Because I am lazy and would rather have someone tell me about WCF while I could see their code, I liked these screencasts.

1) Beginner's Guide to Windows Communication Foundation

2) Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Screencasts

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+1 How much do I love screen casts like dnrtv? Thanks for this one. –  griegs Mar 16 '10 at 3:25

start with step by step wcf tutorials

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