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I am using ssis to zip and rename a folder with about 7 files in it. when it zips the folder and renames it the old folder is inside of the zip folder i would just like to have the zip folder with the new name and the files inside of that. i have tried

    a -tzip "F:\Extracts\QCExtracts\QCreports_2014_07.zip" "F:\Extracts\QCExtracts\QCreports\"

     a -tzip "F:\Extracts\QCExtracts\QCreports_2014_07.zip" "F:\Extracts\QCExtracts\QCreports"

for both i get the result of QCreports_2014_07.zip\ QCreports\all files

i need it to be QCreports_2014_07.zip\ all files

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Assuming you use "Execute Process Task" for the 7z.exe call:

You have to set F:\Extracts\QCExtracts\QCreports\as WorkingDirectory in the Process section of your Task. This should omit the subdirectory in the zip file.

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Thank you, it worked out –  user2615302 Jul 2 at 13:43

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