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How can I format numbers as currency (with commas) in a Knockout koGrid?

<div style="height: 200px" data-bind="
  koGrid: {
    data: $parent.gridLoanDetails, 
    columnDefs: [{ 
      field: 'MemoAvailability', displayName: 'Memo Availability', width: 150


 var vm = {
        gridLoanDetails: gridLoanDetails,
        SearchLCLookup: function (tab, IsAffiliate) {

                var HasRecs = false;

                if (vm.LCID() != '') {
                    HasRecs = LCDataService.GetLCAppsJSON(gridLoanDetails, '', tab.ClientNum(), tab.BeneficiaryName(), '', '',
                        '', 0, 0, '', '', vm.LCID());
                } //           clientsObservable, ClientName, ClientNum, BeneficiaryName, UserID_CA, UserID_RM, UserID_LPM, ApplicationAmountFROM, ApplicationAmountTO, CreationDateFROM, CreationDateTO

                return HasRecs;

 return vm

DATA SERVICE: The data service method is a simple ajax call to a web api that returns json.

         var GetLCAppsJSON = function (clientsObservable, ClientName, ClientNum, BeneficiaryName, UserID_CA, UserID_RM, UserID_LPM, ApplicationAmountFROM, ApplicationAmountTO, CreationDateFROM, CreationDateTO, LCID) {

        var LCAppsModel = function (ClientAffilname, AffiliateOrClient, ClientNum, Rating, ClientStatus, ContractExpirationDate, UserID_LPM, UserID_RM, UserID_CA, AffiliateName, CAFullName, LPMFullName, RMFullName, Comments, ClientAvailability, LCLoan, ABLoan, LCID, ApplicationAmount, Tolerance, LCExpireDate, UserID, EmailComments, BeneficiaryName, MemoAvailability, AppID) {
            var self = this;

            self.ClientAffilname = ko.observable(ClientAffilname);
            self.AffiliateOrClient = ko.observable(AffiliateOrClient);
            self.ClientNum = ko.observable(ClientNum);
            self.Rating = ko.observable(Rating);
            self.ClientStatus = ko.observable(ClientStatus);
            self.ContractExpirationDate = ko.observable(ContractExpirationDate);
            self.UserID_LPM = ko.observable(UserID_LPM);
            self.UserID_RM = ko.observable(UserID_RM);
            self.UserID_CA = ko.observable(UserID_CA);
            self.AffiliateName = ko.observable(AffiliateName);
            self.CAFullName = ko.observable(CAFullName);
            self.LPMFullName = ko.observable(LPMFullName);
            self.RMFullName = ko.observable(RMFullName);
            self.Comments = ko.observable(Comments);
            self.ClientAvailability = ko.observable(ClientAvailability);

            self.LCLoan = ko.observable(LCLoan);
            self.ABLoan = ko.observable(ABLoan);
            self.LCID = ko.observable(LCID);
            self.ApplicationAmount = ko.observable(ApplicationAmount);
            self.Tolerance = ko.observable(Tolerance);
            self.LCExpireDate = ko.observable(LCExpireDate);
            self.UserID = ko.observable(UserID);
            self.EmailComments = ko.observable(EmailComments);
            self.BeneficiaryName = ko.observable(BeneficiaryName);
            self.MemoAvailability = ko.observable(MemoAvailability);
            self.AppID = ko.observable(AppID);

        //                  ClientAvailability,
        //          Rating, ClientStatus, UserID, UesrID_LPM, UesrID_RM, UesrID_CA, StatusCode

            type: "post",
            dataType: 'json',
            contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
            url: "/api/LCPosting/PostLCAppsJSON/",
            data: JSON.stringify({ ClientName: ClientName, ClientNum: ClientNum, BeneficiaryName: BeneficiaryName, UserID_CA: UserID_CA, UserID_RM: UserID_RM, UserID_LPM: UserID_LPM, ApplicationAmountFROM: ApplicationAmountFROM, ApplicationAmountTO: ApplicationAmountTO, CreationDateFROM: CreationDateFROM, CreationDateTO: CreationDateTO, LCID: LCID }),
            cache: false,
            traditional: true,
            async: false,
            success: function (dataIn) {
                newJ = $.parseJSON(dataIn);

                newJ.forEach(function (p) {
                    var clients = new LCAppsModel(p.ClientAffilname, p.AffiliateOrClient, p.ClientNum, p.Rating, p.ClientStatus, p.ContractExpirationDate, p.UserID_LPM, p.UserID_RM, p.UserID_CA, p.AffiliateName, p.CAFullName, p.LPMFullName, p.RMFullName, p.Comments, p.ClientAvailability, p.LCLoan, p.ABLoan, p.LCID, p.ApplicationAmount, p.Tolerance, p.LCExpireDate, p.UserID, p.EmailComments, p.BeneficiaryName, p.MemoAvailability, p.AppID);


            error: function (xhr, textStatus, errorThrown) {
                var err = eval("(" + xhr.responseText + ")");
                amplify.store("ErrorDetails", err.exceptionMessage);

                    { route: 'ErrorPage', moduleId: 'ErrorPage', title: 'ErrorPage', title: 'ErrorPage', nav: false }



        if (clientsObservable().length > 0) {
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;


I need MemoAvailability field to be formatted in the view as currency.

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can you show the viewModel containing the gridLoanDetails? –  Overmachine Jul 1 '14 at 14:33
Overmachine - see edits above. Thanks –  Chris Jul 1 '14 at 14:42

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You need to format the field in the viewModel, knockoutJS provide extenders so you can add additional functionality to an observable. you can use the very common Money Observable

or you can create your own extender a basic example

ko.extenders.currency = function(target, precision) {
var result = ko.computed({
    read: function() {
        return target().toFixed(precision); 
    write: target 

result.raw = target;
return result;

then use it in your viewModel like this

var MemoAvailability = ko.observable(MemoAvailability).extend({currency: 2});

you can improve the extender a little more.

another approach is since you are returning a Json from server you can format this value in the server before returning to the client.

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