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I know that if i load >1000 items to a Listbox that it would cause performance issue, but how can i solve this Problem, does anyone has a good idea for this :

i read this article : LINK

but i dont want to create a new class is there a solution for adding items?

i tried :

public void addItemList(List<? extends T> items)
     StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();

    for (T item : items)
        //          this.addItem(item);


but it doesnt work i get no List

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Adding more than 1000 items to a ListBox is a very bad idea from a user experience perspective. –  Andrei Volgin Jul 1 at 15:02
i need it for multipleSelection a SuggestBox woulndt be so good... –  user3387996 Jul 1 at 15:15
Why don't you want to add a new class? It extends ListBox anyway so I see no issue with it. –  Ben Dol Jul 1 at 15:15
i dont understand could u post an example –  user3387996 Jul 2 at 6:02

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