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I wish to install the Ruby DevKit on Windows. I'm using Ruby 2.0 on a 32 bit Windows.

Here is my procedure:

After downloading DevKit (for version 2.0), I place the files in C: then I run these two commands:

ruby dk.rb init


dk.rb install ruby

The installation does not work and the console shows me this:

[INFO] Skipping Existing gem override for 'C :/ Ruby200'
[WARN] Skipping Existing DevKit helper library for 'C :/ Ruby200'

Do you have any idea of the problem?

Thank you very much!

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Those are warnings that the DevKit is already setup for that Ruby.

If you want to "force" a reinstall of the DevKit vars then you need to do

ruby dk.rb install -f
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How did you install Ruby on your windows machine?

I know that RubyInstaller installs a working version of DevKit for you


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Hi, i've install Ruby 2.0.0-p481 (x64) –  Stéphane R. Jul 1 '14 at 18:12

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