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I'm using Weblogic 8.1. and other server is using JBoss 5.0. My plan is to have the JNDI destination of weblogic to be consumed on JBoss 5.0 using MDBs. I think it is possible, but not sure. If so, how can I achieve it.


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There are lots of examples out there on how to do this, assuming for instance you want weblogic to consume JMS messages generated by JBoss, you can set up a Foreign JMS Server. In the admin console:

Jms Modules -> New -> Choose Targets -> Click the box to add resources -> Next
New -> Foreign Server
Jms Modules -> YourModule -> YourForeignServer -> Use the config tab set up URL info

You can follow an example here for JBoss or ActiveMQ

Going in reverse, receiving JMS messages from Weblogic on the JBoss side.... a very similar thing can be done. You will probably want to write your own class to communicate with foreign JNDI objects. There is a good info in the JBoss docs here. Specifically pay attention to the notes at the end on what class to replace.

You can also see a similar setup Integrating Weblogic 8 JMS with JBoss

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Thanks . I'll try – Zeus Jul 1 '14 at 20:53

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