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We are testing PouchDB , starts ok, syncs ok , db.allDocs() works ok, but :

db.query(map, {}, function(err, data) {...});

never has the callback function called. Neither with an error, neither with data ... tested in chrome 35.0.1916.153 m...

Surprisingly , when the database is empty (Not Synced) the callback gets called with of course 0 rows returned

Any idea why ? Thank you

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If you have a lot of data in your database, then a temporary in-memory query (which is what you're using) may take a long time to run.

If you really want to do an in-memory query that reads in every doc in the database, just use allDocs() and forget that query() exists. Otherwise use persisted map/reduce. Details here.

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The database is very small ! we have only 130 documents inside .. and we also tested with persisted map/reduce synced form the CouchDB server. –  Bossanova Jul 2 at 8:36
Ok , solved.. The problem was caused by an incorrect map function not testing if a given field was undefined or not before testing it. This occurred for only some documents, but as it was causing a blind Js exception causing the whole process to stop, we did not see it. FYI, in CouchDB this map function is working perfectly. –  Bossanova Jul 2 at 9:47

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