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Very new to InnoSetup, but I could not find any documentation on this. I would like to implement a condition where if the user has already installed a specific component, it will not allow them to install another specific component.

For example: If Bob has previously installed ComponentA, and ties to install ComponentB, it will error our with a warning "Cannot install ComponentB while ComponentA currently installed"

This is what I have come up with so far:

procedure CurPageChanged(CurPageID: Integer);
    Value: string;
    UninstallKey: string;
    UninstallKey := 'Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\' +
        ExpandConstant('{#SetupSetting("AppId")}') + '_is1';
    Result := (RegQueryStringValue(HKLM, UninstallKey, 'Inno Setup: Selected Components', Value) or
        RegQueryStringValue(HKCU, UninstallKey, 'Inno Setup: Selected Components', Value)) and (Value <> '');   
    if CurPageID  = wpSelectComponents then
        if Result = WizardForm.ComponentsList.ItemCaption[1] then
        WizardForm.ComponentsList.Checked[1] := False;
        WizardForm.ComponentsList.ItemEnabled[1] := True;
        WizardForm.ComponentsList.Checked[2] := False;
        WizardForm.ComponentsList.ItemEnabled[2] := False;
        WizardForm.ComponentsList.Checked[3] := False;
        WizardForm.ComponentsList.Enabled[3] := True;

I know I do not quite have the Registry Query exactly right for selected components.. I feel like I'm close though. The problem is, Result may have multiple components in it. like (apple,orange,mango) but I want the statement to still be true if just "mango" exists.

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Inno stores info about installed components in it's uninstall key in Registry. You can read that info during the installation and then disable specific component via Code section. –  RobeN Jul 1 at 16:53
Thank you, I made an edit based on your recommendation. I am not sure if the line: if Result = WizardForm.ComponentsList.ItemCaption[1] then is correct though. Any thoughts? –  Evan Miller Jul 1 at 20:05
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