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I'm trying to close a dialog, in Chrome it's working fine but in IE dont work. The code that i used is the below,

    autoOpen: false,
    resizable: false,
    height: 350,
    dialogClass: 'pcrTermsDialog',
    buttons: [{
                alt: jq("#mydialog .closeControl").attr("title"),
                title: jq("#mydialog.closeControl").attr("title"), 
                click: function() { jq(this).dialog("close"); }
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Any console errors? –  isherwood Jul 1 at 17:05
No, doesn't show any console error, for example if i use jq(#mydialog).dialog("open") this it's working to open dialog, but if i use to close jq(#mydialog).dialog("close") dont work. –  Ricardo Romo Jul 1 at 17:24
Can we see some HTML? And what version of jQuery? –  Dean.DePue Jul 1 at 17:26
Ok permit me one minute to update the code, and jQuery version is 1.8.3 –  Ricardo Romo Jul 1 at 17:42

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I assume that "jq" is the var for the jQuery. Try to make the button this way:

     buttons: {
            "Close": function () {
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