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I have limited storage being 2 x 2 bytes. I need to store as many (On/Off) user preferences within this byte space as possible.

My calculation so far is a total of 20 user settings by incrementing by a multiple of 2 e.g.

First 2 Byte space

    Option A ON = 1
    Option B ON = 2
    Option C On = 4
    Option D On = 8
    Option E On = 16
    Option F On = 32
    Option G On = 64
    Option H On = 128
    Option I On = 256

Second 2 byte space:

    Option J On = 1

And from this I can work out what the user has enabled or disabled across all 20 options (Assuming 00000000 / 00000000 is nothing selected).

My question to you is, is 20 the maximum amount of options a user can set using 2 x 2 bytes to store their state or is there a more efficient way?


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Four bytes? 32 bits. 32 on-off switches. Not sure where you got 20, unless that's 20 hex (which corresponds to 32 decimal). – Robert Harvey Jul 1 '14 at 17:26
I was looking at combining the options so no overlapping. I will be using bit masks: someSetting | someOtherSetting etc. I think I am getting my head around it. Thanks for your response. – GeoffCoope Jul 1 '14 at 18:49
Note that I isn't actually in the first byte. I is the first bit in the second byte. – Robert Harvey Jul 1 '14 at 19:47

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