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How can we save data from AUI DataTable Text Area Cell Editor to server. I am doing something like:

var nameEditor = new Y.TextAreaCellEditor({
validator : {
   rules: {

How can I get a handler to send a request to server in order to save data from that editor column

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The base editor registers a save event to which you would want to listen.

To register the subscription:

nameEditor.on('save', function(e){
      var msg = 'Details : newVal=' + e.newVal
                       + ' oldVal=' + e.prevVal;


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Could you call this from a TextAreaCellEditor that is defined in a column and not as a variable i.e., { key: 'id',label: 'ID', sortable: true, editor: new Y.TextAreaCellEditor()}, –  Clay Banks Jun 10 at 4:27
@ClayBanks you can define the listener in the construction parameters. Have a look a modified fiddle –  Origineil Jun 12 at 19:21

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