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I read some properties from an xml file, amongst which is a string that refers to an llblgen object for example 'article'. For now I have set up a rather long

Select Case myString
  Case "article"
    return New ArticleEntity()

Etc. which is getting rather ugly as it gets longer and longer ;). Is there a better way to do this ?

(the above is vb.net, but c# examples are fine as well)

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please clarify which relation exists between the strings and the class names –  devio Oct 28 '08 at 23:04

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you could create a dictionary mapping strings to factory methods eg

Dictionary<string, Func<Animal>> _map = new Dictionary
  ("cat", () => new Cat()),
  ("dog", () => new Dog())

Then your case statement becomes

return _map[myString]();
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You could store the type names in the file and use:

return Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType("Some.Type.String"));

(that would work as long as Some.Type.String has a default parameterless constructor.)

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Do the strings exactly represent the name of the object type. If so you could probably do.

        Object obj = Activator.CreateInstance("AssemblyName", "TypeName");

so if you had the types coming back from a list you could do...

List<object> list = new List<object>();

foreach(string typename in GetFromXMLFile())
   list.Add(Activator.CreateInstance("AssemblyName", typename);
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Notice that Activator.CreateInstance has got a generic version that makes a cast to a base class unnecessary (if such a base class or interface is available):

public static IMyTrait MakeMyTrait(Type t) {
    return Activator.CreateInstance<IMyTrait>(t);
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Ah very nice. Not sure if the objects are exactly as in the file, but I rather edit that file than keep on using that ugly select case thingy :).

Thanks for the suggestions !

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