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I have several workflows where the users want to set the number of days before a date defined in an entity (e.g. contract end date) to receive a notice. Within a Wait Condition, is there a way to set the number of days before to an int attribute in the entity, rather than hard code it? Any workarounds if that is not possible?

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No, unfortunately there is no way to do this out of th ebox. The best way for you to do this, assuming you're using a dropdown for the day values, would be to code each branch of wait logic for each selected value in the dropdown.

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Unfortunately, I can't use a drop down, as basically any date if valid, for many years ahead the current date. I ended up having two fields, one a days field and one the actual date field used by the workflow. I then calculate the date for the work flow using the onchange event. Lot of work for something that should be easier. Thanks! – Greg McGuffey Mar 18 '10 at 0:39

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