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Commonly movable type will publish HTML files which contains absolute path, but if I want to host the site under different domain(e.g., both HTTP and HTTPS), it is very inconvenient.

So is there a way to change all the paths to resource of my site to absolute ones?


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I think you want "reletive" paths. The relative directories can be symlinked/aliased on the server. Once file paths are aliased...

Update your mt-config.cgi file to use reletive paths for the required config directives:

This is also covered in the installation guide

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Hi, It is strange that it dosen't work. I have changed the CGIPath and StaticWebPath to relative path and it still publish files containing absolute path – haohaolee Mar 16 '10 at 6:40

Short of constructing the URLs yourself in your templates, you'll need a plugin. I've found that MTRelativeURL works well, despite not being updated in a while.

The plugin adds a few new tags but the simple approach is to use the 'relative_url' filter where needed:

<$MTEntryPermalink relative_url="1"$>

Keep in mind that you'll want to continue using absolute URLs for the links in your RSS feed.

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