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I just went from version 1.4 to 2.1.1 and noticed improvements, but still extremely slow insert rate that gets slower as more documents are inserted.

I am migrating from my old database to new and inserting 1000 at a time. Here are some logs for your perusal:

========= [26.28s]
BATCH #1 [0s]
========= [0s]
CREATED: 1000 [0s]
UPDATED: 0 [0s]
SUBTOTAL: 1000 [0s]
BATCH TIME: 26.279s [0s]
TOTAL BATCH TIME: 26.279s [0s]
AVG TIME PER BATCH: 26.279s [0s]
TOTAL TIME: 29.277s [0s]

========= [29.919s]
BATCH #2 [0.001s]
========= [0s]
CREATED: 2000 [0s]
UPDATED: 0 [0s]
SUBTOTAL: 2000 [0s]
BATCH TIME: 29.919s [0s]
TOTAL BATCH TIME: 56.198s [0s]
AVG TIME PER BATCH: 28.099s [0s]
TOTAL TIME: 61.341s [0s]

========= [33.698s]
BATCH #3 [0s]
========= [0s]
CREATED: 3000 [0s]
UPDATED: 0 [0s]
SUBTOTAL: 3000 [0s]
BATCH TIME: 33.697s [0s]
TOTAL BATCH TIME: 89.89500000000001s [0s]
AVG TIME PER BATCH: 29.965000000000003s [0s]
TOTAL TIME: 97.755s [0s]

========= [62.653s]
BATCH #10 [0s]
========= [0s]
CREATED: 10000 [0s]
UPDATED: 0 [0s]
SUBTOTAL: 10000 [0s]
BATCH TIME: 62.653s [0s]
TOTAL BATCH TIME: 438.422s [0s]
AVG TIME PER BATCH: 43.842200000000005s [0s]
TOTAL TIME: 474.096s [0s]

I'm using the ArangoDB NodeJS API and running the following code (1000 times for each batch):

db.document.create("users", user)

Is there something I'm missing here, or is ArangoDB a lost cause for any database with >1000 records?

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To determine where the problem is (database server, node.js driver, connection), can you please try to run the following command and post the results here? arangob --test-case document --requests 1000 --concurrency 1 --server.endpoint tcp:// –  stj Jul 2 '14 at 7:05
Can you also check whether the collection you're inserting into has its waitForSync option set to true? If so, then each insert will trigger a full disk sync operation and wait until the OS has confirmed the sync is finished. This might be very slow, depending on the type of disk you use. If waitForSync is set to true for the collection or the individual save operation, can you try turning it off and retry the inserts? –  stj Jul 2 '14 at 8:55

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Please take a look to the property "waitForSync" of your collection. I've made following experience with waitForSync, creating 1000 documents and using the nodejs driver for arango:

waitForSync  true 13,3 s
waitForSync  false 0,5 s
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