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I have a oracle database with several packages and some types. There is a type defined like

create or replace type my_type as table of varchar2(4000)

And then, into pkg_machines there is

subtype my_type is varchar2(4000)

Now, I didn't write the database and while analyzing errors I discovered that several packages do use pkg_machines.my_type, but pkg_machines needs to use both the local and the global one.

The only possible way that came in my mind to do this, is to change the name of the subtype and refactorize every other package that uses it, but it would mean to waste a lot of time on refactoring hundreds of packages.

My question is: is there a way to tell to a procedure to refer to the global type my_type instead of the defined subtype?

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When you want to use the global name fully qualify it as schema_name.my_type. The schema name will usually be the same as the user you were logged in to the database with when the type was created.

Share and enjoy.

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