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I am using Pydev for Eclipse to program Python. Is there any way to restart a program running after I make changes other than retyping

>>>runfile ('filename')

Every single time?

Also, is there any way to start the program more easily than the above for the first time?

NOTE: I am not trying to run it in the console, I am trying to run the python in the interactive console where I can input commands into. Pressing the Run button at the top of the IDE DOES NOT run the program in the interactive console.

Thank you all

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>>> from functools import partial
>>> r = partial(runfile,"filename")
>>> #now you can just type r()
>>> r()

a better idea is to use some interactive console that you can invoke from your code

C:\>  easy_install q

then at the top of your file add

import q

and at the end of your script enter


this will halt your script and open a shell where you have access to anything from your script then you can just use the run button to run it ...

as an aside i did not downvote your other question ... I just answered in the comments based on how I understood your question

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Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for the confusion on my last question... –  Andrew Hu Jul 1 at 23:52

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