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I am working in project with websockets and MQTT. Websocket server receives 4 messages from mqtt and I made it loop to receive any other messages. However, if there are no messages, Encoded_fixed_header = gen_tcp:recv(Socket, 0) gives an error because there are no messages to receive. I did some research on gen_tcp:recv and it says that it waits infinitely for a message, but it seems not and it closes the socket.

recieve(Socket,WsPID) ->
    Encoded_fixed_header = gen_tcp:recv(Socket, 0),
    Length = gen_tcp:recv(Socket, 0)
    Variable_Header = gen_tcp:recv(Socket, 0),
    Playload=gen_tcp:recv(Socket, 0),

What could be the problem?

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check the value of the active parameter either in the gen-tcp:listen/2, when you start the server, or in the inet_default_connect_options, if you use the default value.

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I am using False as a value for active : {ok, Socket} = gen_tcp:connect("localhost", 1885,[binary, {packet, 0},{active,false},{exit_on_close, false}]) I think that is the value I should set . –  Rad1 Jul 3 '14 at 1:30
As your code is explicitly calling gen_tcp/recv/2 to get new messages, you should set the active option to false. Active true is used to receive directly the incoming message in a receive bloc of the process which called gen_tcp:connect/2.Then beware that your code will produce nothing as you drop the returned values at each recall of the receive function. –  Pascal Jul 3 '14 at 4:19
You can find a good tutorial there [learnyousomeerlang.com/buckets-of-sockets](LYSE) –  Pascal Jul 3 '14 at 6:32

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