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I have uploaded genomic fasta sequence and its GFF3 file into local mysql database using "bp_seqfeature_load.pl". Now, I want to extract sequence from position 100-2000 on "-" strand of Chromosome 1, and want to print exon sequence between 100-2000, with fasta format. Following code extracting the sequence from 100-2000 with "+" strand. Could you kindly correct my program. I will use this program for multiple queries (genomics position) not just one (100-2000).

 use Getopt::Long;
 use File::Spec;
 use Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store;
 use Bio::SeqIO;
 #use Carp::Always;

 my $DSN;
 my $VERBOSE  = 1;
 my $USER     = '';
 my $PASS     = '';
 my @gff3opt;
 my @information;
       'dsn=s'       => \$DSN,
       'adaptor=s'   => \$ADAPTOR,
       'user=s'      => \$USER,
       'password=s'  => \$PASS,
       'gff3opt=i{,}'    => \@gff3opt,
      ) || die <<END;

           -d --dsn        The database name ($DSN)
           -a --adaptor    The storage adaptor to use ($ADAPTOR)
           -u --user       User to connect to database as
           -p --password   Password to use to connect to database
           -g --gff3opt    flag options to gff3_string (i.e.: pass -gffopt 1 to recurse)


 $ADAPTOR     ||= 'DBI::mysql';
 $DSN         ||= $ADAPTOR eq 'DBI::mysql' ? "mysql_read_default_file=$ENV{HOME}/.my.cnf" : '';

 my $store = Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store->new(
                                        -dsn     => $DSN,
                                        -adaptor => $ADAPTOR,
                                        -user    => $USER,
                                        -pass    => $PASS,
   or die "Couldn't create connection to the database";

 # on signals, give objects a chance to call their DESTROY methods
 $SIG{TERM} = $SIG{INT} = sub {   undef $store; die "Aborted..."; };

 @information = $store->fetch_sequence(-seqid=>'I',-start=>100,-end=>2000);
 for my $f (@information){

     print "$f\n";

Following command was used to run the script:

./program.pl -d database_name -u user -p password

Thanks for your kind help

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Hi FIROZ, you need to obtain the "-" sequence to select the positions. Make the complement of the 100-2000 "+" sequence and you will get what you want. I am not familiar with bioperl but I am sure there is some functionality for this. – Llopis Jul 6 '14 at 10:16
What errors occur with the existing script? – G. Cito Jul 24 '14 at 16:10
The shortcut syntax e.g. from the POD $seq = $db->fetch_sequence('chr3',1000,5000); suggests that fetch_sequence returns a reference to a list or array ... is this the case? Do you just need to use $information and then dereference @{$information } your results? – G. Cito Jul 24 '14 at 16:13

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