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I'm trying to google search a set of result but the result is way bigger than expected. I looked into each page, and it turned out there are different layout sets and most of false-positives are coming from there which are not relevant from what I'm expecting.

so I'd like to confine the result just to search with a query in some specific <div>tags. for example,

<div class="content_important">
    I love foo and bar
<div class="i_dont_want_this">
    I hate foo and bar

and I'm looking for results for a query foo and bar only in <div class="content_important"> so that the results from <div class="i_dont_want_this"> doesn't appear on the search result.

The key is that I know how to parse the html pages, but I would like to filter them out before parsing since there can be too many results to parse out.

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