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Is there any other free alternatives to PHPliveDocx? I would like to create a Word document based on templates and user inputted data.

The template will resides on the server and the client(online or c# windows application) will be used to collect user input. Once data has been collected, server-side script(PHP) will be used to generate a Word document. So far I have only found phplivedocx. However I'm not very comfortable at consuming web services from a server that I have no control over with (am I worrying too much?).

I have also thought about using client to do the work (c# windows application, Open Office XML). But I'm not sure that's the right way of doing things.

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I'm searching for some tool/library like this too!

Right now I can point you to


tinybutstrong! check its opendocument and openxml plugin opentbs:

However I feel like there must be something different that should feet our needs better!

I will update this if necessary!


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Worked for me, phpdocx library that converts a .docx to pdf :)

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OpenTBS is able to merge DOCX template in PHP the way you're describing.

It does Docx, Xlsx, Pptx, Odt, Ods, Odf, ... any OpenDocument and OpenXML documents.

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