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I am new to Xcode, working through Swift, so I'm not sure if what I am decribing is actually a bug.

When using interface builder and the assistant editor, I can create lables, buttons etc, and create Outlets and Action in the code with a control-drag.

So long as I am perfect, no problem. But I seem to run into problems if, for example, I make a mispelling of the object name. Or, I choose outlet instead of action. I can't seem to find a way to make a correction that does't seem to totally screw up the IDE. Even if I delete the object in the IB and the code, it seems to leave problems behind when I build. Or, if I try to delete the line in code and re-drag it, a new line of code is created, but the object seems to now reference the new name, and the old, now missing name.

Again, I am working with Swift --- Since I don't use/know Objective-C I don't know if there is a similar behavior using that language.

Appreciate any pointers. (Other than don't use the Interface builder / storyboards / Swift.) ;-)



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TO clarify -- what is the best way to correct a simple misspelling? (Or I just plain picked a bad name, and now desire to fix that -- so the name is not just in the connection, but throughout the code. (i.e., FInd/Replace that includes the IB itself?) –  dave_the_dev Jul 2 '14 at 5:30

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Use the Connections inspector to break the connection. Then you can modify/delete the object and/or the code without having to worry.

enter image description here

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Thanks -- I updated my own question to clarify: -- what is the best way to correct a simple misspelling (or better yet, to correct to make a variable name more meaningful , that appears multiple time in the code. –  dave_the_dev Jul 2 '14 at 5:32
@user1639473 -- There's no find/replace that includes the IB itself (AFAIK, they may add that feature at some point). So the procedure is 1) break the connection 2) find/replace in the code 3) recreate the connection. Step 3 can be done by control-dragging from the IB object to the existing line of code, or you can drag (w/o control) from the empty circle in the left margin of the code editor, to the object in IB. –  user3386109 Jul 2 '14 at 5:50
Until true Find/replace appears, looks like you've covered it nicely. Thanks! –  dave_the_dev Jul 3 '14 at 2:46
How odd that that it stores the hook up in two places. Blatant redundancy. –  Ian Warburton Jul 18 at 18:17

You can find an unused IBOutlets in the .h file


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