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I need something where I can write code once and that will run on desktop browser and mobile. For mobile devices it should be native or hybrid app and in desktop it should open in browser. I need very minimum device API for mobile devices since the application is basically a web application. jQuery mobile or similar library will not work since they can not built native/hybrid app for mobile devices. After some research I found Cordova, Appcelerator Titanium, haxe e.t.c but I think Cordova and Appcelerator are targeting the mobile devices only. Do anyone can help me to choose the right framework for me.

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Your details are not enough.

But choosing from Cordova, Appcelerator and haxe I'd clearly chose haxe.

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I have a PHP application built in MVC. The view part is running on web browser. I want that part to be a native application for android/iOS. Cordova can do that. What I am not sure finally what should I use Cordova, Appcelerator or haxe. Why you will use haxe what is the benefit of using it over cordova? –  user3306669 Jul 4 at 11:08
If you already have your application ready then PhoneGap or Cordova are the ways to go. (I'd use haxe for new project because of easiness of development and ability to use any of this technologies as a backend without need to rewrite code.) –  stroncium Jul 4 at 11:33
Yes I have this project ready but I am asking for future also. If haxe is easy then we will use haxe for new projects. Can you please tell me why you prefer haxe and is it able to handle complex page design that html5/CSS3 can? –  user3306669 Jul 5 at 12:46
Haxe is not about page design. Haxe is a typed language cross-compiled to various other languages. The point of using it is to share codebase between different platforms and languages. If you will use the backend for which html/css is available(js for example, can be used in browser or with phonegap or anything) you can use html/css directly. Yet again, it is a bit difficult to tell if it will meet all your needs. I myself am haxe developer for years already and I'm pretty comfortable with using it for various needs. –  stroncium Jul 7 at 9:58
For example in 5 minutes I'll continue to work on my pet project: window manager for windows8 using nodejs with node-webkit and WinAPI as backend and my main project^ highload nodejs webserver. And haxe suits me well even for such a complex environment. For all I know, haxe code is easy to maintain, and that's a very important point for me. However the learning curve might not be that easy for someone.So my best guess for you will be to just evaluate it: try to make a simple app(js target will be best as it is the simplest one) and look if you like it. –  stroncium Jul 7 at 10:02

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