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I have stuck on one problem where I want to get the WorkItemCollection from the WorkItemStore. I know it can be possible by using Query() Method.

But in my scenario Query method is not working as I am using method WorkItemStore.Query Method (Int32[], String). with the String argument as

Select [System.Id],[System.State],[System.Title],[System.WorkItemType] 
where [System.WorkItemType] = 'Requirement' and [System.TeamProject] = 'Test_Baseline'

But while executing this query It is throwing exception with message as Invalid Query Provided. Can any one tell how do I resolve this problem? Thanks in advanced.

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That query works fine on my TFS, just by replacing the Team Project name in the query. –  DaveShaw Jul 3 at 21:16
@DaveShaw yes, This query is running fine if I tried it on TFS directly. But when I am using this query in the method Query(Int32[], String) it throws an exception. Ex. WIStore.Query([1,2,3], QueryString) in program. –  Ankit B Jul 4 at 5:03
I tried it with Query(string), I'm not sure why you are using that overload, it's not clear from the question, what you want to achieve, if it is just query for items with the ID put that in the where clause of the WIQL: ID in (1,2,3) –  DaveShaw Jul 4 at 7:14
@DaveShaw yes, Dave I did it but the thing is I want to know why I am not able to use the Query(int[], String) as it has been documented by TFS team. As, My Query is fine, calling of function is correct.. –  Ankit B Jul 4 at 8:46

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@Ankit, The exception I got from running your query using Query(Int32[], String) oveload is:

"The WHERE and ORDER BY clauses of a query string are not supported on a parameterized query."

which I think explains why you cannot run this WIQL using this overload. You should either remove the WHERE clause from the query or use Query(String) method

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