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I am using pentaho data integration tool (Kettle PDI 5.0) and Cloudera CDH4 (ver 4.6) virtualbox singlenode version.

I am trying to run the tutorial Loading Data into HDFS.

But the problem is that I cannot connect to the CDH4 HDFS: Kettle shows me the error that it cannot connect to HDFS.

I have configured the active.hadoop.configuration to cdh42 and I am running the spoon.bat file from windows 8.1

Kindly provide help if anyone knows how to setup the connection.

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To configure connection to Hadoop you need to provide correct configuration files in /plugins/pentaho-big-data-plugin/hadoop-configurations/YOUR_CONF/. You should at least provide core-site.xml.

Then you should edit plugin.properties in /plugins/pentaho-big-data-plugin/ and set active.hadoop.configuration=YOUR_CONF.

I didn't mentioned YOUR_CONF for no reason: it is most likely that CDH 4.2 and 4.6 are not compatible! So you have to create your own configuration dir and provide libraries for it. Most of them come from hadoop and its' components lib folders and others are provided by pentaho like pentaho-hadoop-shims-hadoop-*.jar.

Also, consider reading Hadoop Configurations.

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