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I am trying to create a map like this here:

enter image description here

  1. How can i that be achieved?

  2. How to show it on android?

  3. How would i add a course/path to it? how to show that on android ?

All I know that it is just an Image, How is it possible to pin-point a place on an Image on Android :

enter image description here

Here is a link to the app that has these features.

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How can i that be achieved?

You need 3D models such as OBJ, FBX, STL files etc. You also need some texture images. And all theses are usually referred to as ASSETS.

How to show it on android?

You need some 3D graphics framework or implement your own OpenGL renderers. Some well known 3D toolkits include:

  • LigGdX: a very good java 3D toolkits
  • OSG for Android: very heavy but powerful framework, using C++/JNI and NDK
  • Use GLSurfaceView to program use low level OpenGL APIs
  • jPCT 3D engine: the free 3D solution for Java and Android
  • Unity3D: Recommended! But this is usually coded in C# or Javascript, and you may take some time to adapt to it.
  • Mono For Android: cross platform, again you might learn quite sth.

How would i add a course/path to it? how to show that on android?

You need to implement that on your own. You might place a few anchor points and connect them in network/graphs.

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