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I'm writing a Windows Phone 8 Universal app and would like to have a keyboard without suggestions and emoticons for the TextBox. It was the default keyboard in Windows Phone 8 Silverlight, but in Universal Apps suggestions are displayed if you don't specify InputScope (I believe it's defaults to Default).

I tried setting InputScope to Default, Url, and Search with no luck. Most of the values from Silverlight ( don't work either.

Desired keyboard (without suggestions, emoticons, and '.com' and '@' buttons):

Default Keyboard

How do I get such keyboard?

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To turn suggestions off in a you can use

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You can use the following keyboard with the CurrencyAmountAndSymbol Input Scope. here you will have the @ symbol. However, you can't simply avoid @ from the keyboard.

This will not have suggestions, emoticons, and .com

To avoid typing @ you can use KeyUp event.

<TextBox InputScope="CurrencyAmountAndSymbol"/>
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