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Since I didn't find any solution on the interweb or StackOverflow in particular yet, I have to ask for myself:

How the project is created

I'm building a Cordova 3.4 Android app using the AppCompat ActionBar and NavigationDrawer on MacOS X.

The App is created and enriched by plugins using Cordova CLI. Then I copy the additional native parts into the project, as well as a copy of AppCompatLib, which I made Ant buildable through android update lib-project. Also I provide a custom project.properties where the AppCompatLib is referenced in addition to CordovaLib.

# Project target.

Cordova Build and Run fails

When running Cordova run android --device from the console the App builds, gets deployed and crashes immediately with this Error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: android.support.v7.appcompat.R$styleable

Checking the Project's contents in ant-gen and ant-build it's obvious R.java from the AppCompatLib is missing in the build (path android/support/v7/appcompat), while it is available in the referenced AppCompatLib's ant-gen/build folders. So at least AppCompatLib has been build correctly by ant.

Double check by Eclipse Import and Build

To analyze the issue further I imported the Android Project and the referenced libraries into ADT (Eclipse). To my surprise, the App builds correctly and runs without issues on the same device.

Looking at the gen and bin folders Eclipse generated R.java and the compiled R.class plus subclasses of AppCompatLib are there, R$stylable.class included. So Eclipse build correctly includes android library resources while ant doesn't.

Here's the difference in ant-gen and gen:

   - de
   - R.java.d

   - android
   - de

Sources I am working with:






Is there any option to have ant include the resources of the referenced AppCompatLib when building the whole project?

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