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Is there a file sharing service akin to Dropbox or SugarSync that would offer an API? I would like to add a file sharing service to a website, but the full Dropbox interface is still too complicated for my users, so that I’d like an API to build a dead-simple list of files integrated to the website. There is a Dropbox API project on Google Code, but it seems to be dead.

Update: I need a service with a desktop client at least for Windows, so that the more technical website users could easily upload and organize the stored data. Extra points if the service has a free plan.

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A quick search on ProgrammableWeb brings up about 50 API results.

Out of the lot, I could only say that I have had experience with the Box.net website. I've had no trouble in the past, and they have rather acceptable limits for the free account (25 MB per file; 1 GB of storage).

I'm sure that with a little poking around you'll find something that fits your needs, but I wouldn't expect to find something that offers you a business-scale solution for free, you might have to be prepared to make an investment, and in that case some of Amazon's Web Services might be better suited to your needs.

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ProgrammableWeb is very nice, thank you. I initially forgot about S3 as I wanted a service with a desktop client, but only after reading your answer I realized there are S3 desktop clients from third parties. I’ll take a look at it, thank you once more. –  zoul Mar 16 '10 at 7:24

We are a file sharing company that has recently released a fully functioning RESTful API. You can add users, groups, permissions, files, dynamic links and even searching in real-time. Unlike and it was designed for business, thus giving you multi-user access.

We would love your feedback.


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